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Sunday, September 02, 2007

CC wk6

I spent way too long on this week. I put it down to poly~ once more. That object is the bane of my existence. But after hours of struggle I have conquered the beast (one can only hope that it is permanent victory.)

The only thing that I wish I could figure out would be to have individual samples for each voice if desired.

CCwk6 Audio Example

CCwk6 zip folder\


Haines, Christian. “Creative Computing – Week 6 – “Sampling” Lecture presented at Tutorial Room 408, Level 4, Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 30th of August 2007.


Blogger Ben said...

I find it easier to just not do the poly~ version - it takes a good 4 hours to get working, and would only be worth .2% of our grade.

I think we're all struggling with it, perhaps we need to get Christian to 'throw us a friggin' bone'.

7:08 AM  

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