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Sunday, August 26, 2007

AA wk5

It took a bit of playing around with my computer once the power went back on but I got it all running smoothly again and so here is my AA Stuff.

Heres a Zip of the folder with the session file and samples used.

I think it was a pretty steep learning curve with this weeks exercise as being a brand new program there was this automatic need to figure everything out. Although we weren't expected to do that much, I think it kind of comes with the nature of learning a new program to get absorbed in it and thus spend more time than you should be on it.

I'm happy with the water sounds, which move between having crickets or no crickets. I can see how that would work with just a continuous loop until it is told to slowly move to the next sample which has an even fade between the two.

Water fading between with/without crickets

The footstep sounds are quite simple, as they are just single triggers with a slight pitch variation on each. Although I was annoyed at the fact that the pitch variation changes the playback speed and thus a sample that is meant to sound slower becomes to fast.


The Birds sounds is where I had problems. I wanted to layer the bird sounds so that they are played randomly with ocassions of overlapping sounds etc. I wasn't sure whether I was supposed to be able to do that in FMod or whether that is something that is programed into the game?

Birds tweeting

Least we forget, the humble Potato


Haines, Christian. “Audio Arts – Week 5 - Audio Engines Analysis.” Lecture presented at Tutorial Room 408, Level 4, Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 21st of August 2007.


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