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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CC3A Major Project

Two Screens of code. NERD!!!

I am proud of what I achieved with this code. The piece of music is also interesting, I do however feel that more layering and experimenting with sounds could add to it, but was not possible due to time constraints. I plan to be working on this piece over the holidays, so keep your eyes on my blog at the start of next semester if you want to see what I do with it.


Pre Production pdf

Program Note pdf

Score Instructions pdf

Analysis pdf


SuperCollider Code -zip folder rtf


Final Piece mp3


Blogger John Delany said...

I like the way SuperCollider can create synth sounds/textures that seem to have an analogue character to them, or remind me of old-school hardware a bit... your piece has that kind of sound, in a good way :-) It was nice to hear the single bass lines, and then the melodic 'flourishes' that followed along in stereo.

5:46 AM  
Blogger Luke.Digance - Eclectic I said...

Thanks John. :)

2:52 AM  

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