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Monday, May 05, 2008

Forum wk 7

I was given permission from Stephen to blog my experience of Stelarc this week as I was attending his workshop instead of attending forum this week.

Stelarc is a installation artist highly interested in the human body and mechanics. His pieces have ranged from being suspended naked via hooks through his skin as he was lifted over New York city with a crane, to writing the word evolution simultaneously with his two natural arms and a third prosthetic mechanical arm.

The session I attended on Thursday was a 'meet and greet.' after getting lost trying to find my way around Flinders Uni and subsequently being 20 minutes late, I discovered that everyone was asked to introduce themselves, but not just give a general description, but actually relate more personal elements of themselves to the group. Basically I arrived to hear 1 person talk about the alchoholic past and then had to reveal my past to all these people I had never met.

After which Stelarc explained that we will be putting on a 1 minute performance on Friday at Napier. He set guidlines that it must include technology and should be focused around the body. Although 1 minute, it is still quite a challenging thought and I hope I can come up with something entertaining.


Stelarc. "Stelarc meet and greet." Flinders University. 1st of May 2008.


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