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Monday, May 05, 2008

AA3A wk 7

Thanks to the Piano playing skills of Ben Bamford, we were able to record a piano outside of the context of the studio where we were familiar. Sadly the DAT introduced a lot of undesired hiss to the recording, but that ignored the recording turned out fairly well.

The Traditional spaced pair produced a nice stereo effect. It doesn't actually differ to greatly from a studio produced sound.

Traditional Spaced pair

Moving the mics up high worked really well. The full sound was incredible and unnexpected in the heartly space. I would of of expected it to be more dead in that space. There isn't a heap of reverb, but the sound carried quite amazingly.

For some annoying reason this file refuses to upload so please refer to Jake or Matt's blog for an example.

Pointing the mic up at the ceiling whilst up high captured too thin a sound in my opinion. But it was at an interesting experiment.

Spaced pair at ceiling

Then came a series of interesting experiments mostly implemented by Jake. We attempted to use the other piano's resonant frequencies. Although not brilliant, it did come up pretty well.

resonant frequencies

I thought Jake was being a bit extreme when he decided to point a mic outside the door and then only leave one on the piano. It does create a nice effect though. It could be used in the right context. Although I would be more inclined to layer a recording of ambient noise over a descent piano sound than to record them together in this fashion.

One Mic in One Out


Grice, David. “Location Recording.” Lecture presented at Elder Hall, University of Adelaide, 29th of April 2008.


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