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Thursday, May 22, 2008

MTF3A wk10

MTF3A wk10

Today in forum we watched a DVD on the history of scratching within the hip hop culture of America. It evolved from multiple sources, and it was and essential element to a competent DJ. What was primarily presented in the DVD was that it was part of the culture of the time.

I can appreciate how one of the people interviewed said that is was a means to expand the break beats of the time. The drum rhythms material on the records are the source of the improvisational rhythms which then expanded out to all elements of the musical material on the music.

I think Stephen was right in recognising that the approach of turntablist shows as great an understanding of musical knowledge. I find it inspiring how that they really saw the turntable as an instrument and through there dedication gave it recognition as such. I think of the computer in the same vain. At the moment it is still primarily viewed as a recording and compositional tool, but I think it is only a matter of time before it will come through as an instrument in it's own right as more intuitive approaches to its use and software develop.

My favourite part of the DVD would have to have been the DJ Shadow part. It shows the ultimate respect for making music. He recognised that all musicians no matter what there instrument or style could be forgotten, its about making music for the love of it.

I also really liked the marrying of art forms within the hip hop culture. There is a lot for the people I am collaborating with and myself to learn in terms of merging art forms in an all inclusive media.

“All good ideas happen by accident.”

We ended a session with this youtube video. I'm glad someone has made such an informative video claiming what I think a lot of people already knew and believed.


Whittington, Stephen. “Forum – Week 10 – Scratch.” Workshop presented at EMU space, level 5, Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 22nd of May 2008.


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