Eclectic I

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


In forum today the group Negative Land became the vehicle of the an exploration into ideas of copyright and artistic freedom. This group uses satirical music, and video mash ups to challenge mass media, corporate advertising, and in the process offend many who object to their ideas.

I think it is important to acknowledge the power music/art has to influence and challenge peoples ideas. It has proven to be a highly effective revolutionary tool, The ultimate question is whether you actually agree with the idea presented within the art. Satire is powerful in this sense, because it doesn't attempt to dictate how to feel, but exposes potential flaws and misconceptions.


Whittington, Stephen. “Forum – Week 5 – Semester 2, 2008: My Favorite Things (II).” Workshop presented in room 1004, level 10 Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 28th of August 2008.


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