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Thursday, August 07, 2008

AA3B Wk2

Matrix Lobby Scene Brief Sound analysis

Due to the Large extent of sound elements in this scene I will not analyse it in a linear fashion, but focus on some of the major aspects of the sound to keep my word count down.

Firstly They are moslty 'hyper real' elements. Such as the footseps and the placing of the bag on the carousel coming up loud against the intense 'jackhammer sound. And of course the sound of Neo opening his coat. This naturally follows on to Neo Punching the security guard. The loud in your face character of the foley for these actions emphasise the action and thus make it 'hyper real' and more entertaining.

Sound FX
The most prominent of these is the swooshing sound when 'Neo' flips. This extends the hyper real element created by the foley.

The music is very loud and in your face for the majority of the piece. Although at certain elements the natural drop back of the music allows space for certain foley sound such as when Neo picks up the gun and certain sound effects such as when Neo flips to be especially prominent to the ears and thus much more powerful. The music also accents the on screen action, such as the drum roll over the movement of the guards feet and the end of the song coinciding with 'Neo' landing from his final jump/kick.


Harrald, Luke. “Audio Arts IIIB – Week 2 – Sonic Analysis of Matrix Lobby Scene.” Lecture presented at EMU Space, Level 5 Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 5th of August 2008.


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