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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AA3B Wk4

I have begun integrating sounds with the Nusfuratu film. I have mostly been focusing on the first half of the film and there is still much more I want to do with it. One element which is missing that I shall record over the next week is the sounds of dripping to act as a 'sound motif' for the castle. This I feel will add an extra layer of ambiance and suspense.

I also have a working plan for the parts of the film revolving around the sleep walking woman. By bringing in some more 'musical' elements and then combining her motif with that of Hutter and the castle at the end it shall bring in a nice climax I feel.



Harrald, Luke. “Audio Arts – Week 4 – Semester 2, 2008: Foley Part 2.” Lecture presented at EMU space and Studio 1, level 5 Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 19th of August 2008.


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