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Sunday, August 17, 2008

AA3B Wk3

There are two sounds which I could record in the studio as Foley for the classic black and white silent film Nusfuratu. They are Diegetic and Non Diegetic in nature.

The first is quite obvious. It is Diegetic in nature and the sound directly corresponds to the the on screen action. When the character Hutter opens the book I could record the sound of pages flipping.

The second is a non Diegetic sound to add an eerie ambiance to the castle. Using the grand piano, holding down the keys of dissonant chords (with out actually playing them) and then pressing the sustain pedal the ambiance would create and eerie mood which could act as a 'motif' like sound for the castle.


Harrald, Luke. “Audio Arts – Week 3 – Semester 2, 2008: Foley Creation Part 1.” Lecture presented at EMU space, level 5 Schultz building, University of Adelaide,
12th of August 2008.


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