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Monday, August 06, 2007

Creative Computing Wk2

I found this week that I needed to break down the task into little 45min - hour blocks rather than doing it in one sitting. This helped me approach it fresh each time and move forward and not get to bogged down by little things which usually hold me up.

I'm not totally sure if what I have been doing is what it required of us but I like the way that I turned the into patch into a help file so it is easy to understand and you can just copy and paste a bpatcher of each segment as required in future use.

Thanks to Ben Probert for showing me how to have mute disabled when the sound is turned off.

Creative Computing Zip Folder


Haines, Christian. ‘Creative Computing – Week 2 - Signal Switching and Routing:’ Lecture presented in Tutorial Room 408, Level 4 Schultz building, University of Adelaide. 2nd July, 2007.


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