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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tech Forum 3A wk4

Student Presentations 2

I had better photo's but my phone was being stupid.

Ben Probert

Ben's Granular synthesis program was a great example of the fun that can be had creating your own program in Max/Msp. It was entertaining to listen to him play with his creation and see what interesting sounds he could come up with.

Luke Digance

I am unsure what people thought of my presentation. Hopefully people got something out of it.

Matt Mazzone

Matt openly admitted that he aiming for commercial success and so will "give the public what they want." I think there is market for artists who desire originality and don't cater for the generic public. I would rather not make money from my music, and create something I was happy with, then make money creating music I hated. I think Matt is talented, but the type of music he has chosen to create doesn't inspire me.

Freddy May and Douglas Loudon

I enjoyed both approaches to their use of plogue and Live. Although Doug's piece had more 'accessible' elements to it, I liked the sounds and direction Freddy was going in more. He may not of thought that a band was something he was interested in, but I think more musical elements would have filled the piece out and given it more.


Whittington, Stephen. “Forum – Week 4 – Student Presentations Pt 2”. Workshop presented at EMU Space, Level 5, Schultz Building, University of Adelaide, 27th of March 2008.


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