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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Music Tech Forum 3A wk5

Pierre Henry

The documentary on Pierre Henry exhibited some interesting ideas. His fascination with sound in and of itself was obvious. Some aspects of his pieces I found highly engaging whilst other parts were obviously a personal exploration. His use of multitudes of speakers and his fanaticism over there placement made me wish I could have been at those concerts to gain an insight on how best to pan sounds when approaching my next 6 channel sound installation.

Overall I appreciate his exploration into sound, but wouldn't want to explore the same territory as him. He has a really good ear for sound but his arrangement of them and his finl product isn't very engaging. Its the sounds themselves which are his expertise.

By the time the dvd ended, I was ready for a break. Having to try and concentrate on more music was a challenge. To me it is a stye, which I can appreciate but is hard to listen to over long periods of time. I was over immersed in sound. Ironically, I did really enjoy the piece 'sleeping'. Perhaps because of its minimalism.


Whittington, Stephen. “Forum – Week 5 – “Pierre Henry.” Workshop presented at EMU space, Level 5, Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 3rd of April 2008.


Blogger John Delany said...

I agree - to me Henry is a great collector of "sounds" but will sometimes present them in a big basket for the listener to sort out! I like his open mindedness about sound and music in general though. I don't know if he even realised he was playing back techno music at one of those outdoor gigs, or whether to him, it was just another "looped sound" that he found somewhere.

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