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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Music Tech Forum wk6

Music Tech Forum wk6

As we entered forum this week we were greeted by the sounds of a mash up by the group “people like us” Vicki Bennet. Various songs overlaid and flowed into one another. Artists such as Marilyn Manson sung over the top of hall of the mountain king. Various humorous versions of 'Teen Spirit' seemed to be the order of the day. Including the Stephen Hawking vocals over a techno version.

It was when David presented us with his piece 'YouTube' biopsy which I became more enthralled. The visuals were spectacular. Ranging from the absurd Mario bros game, to the incredible view underneath the train and tornado sequences. The music gave the feel of an eclectic video clip which strove to express multiple feelings within each song mashed under common visual themes. Particularly the tornado part of the piece which extended for quite some time. I really enjoyed the underlay of 'the pixie's' “where is my mind” under the soulful gospel like piece. I think the piece should have ended around the time Mario made it to the end of the first level.


Blogger Stephen said...

I found the repeated failures of Mario rather sad and poetic in a strange way...

7:32 PM  

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