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Monday, March 10, 2008

AA3 wk 1

Stereo mic'ing

My general approach to panning is to get as much of an isolated instrument as possible and then pan it within a stereo image. Yet there are times when using stereo mic'ing can be the best approach.

Mid Side Technique - U87s one set to Omni, the other set to Figure 8:

The Mid Side approach is always brilliant on a piano. It just gives it such a full rich sound

Mid Side

XY Configuration - U87's - Set to Cardiod:

The Nueman XY didn't work so well. I think it was partially because they weren't placed correctly, as the levels differ slightly. I also thing you are better of doing Mid side to get the same feel, or use the Rode NT5's.

Neuman XY

XY-NT4 Stereo Mic:

The Rode NT5's worked fairly well in the XY. I think I rather use them as a spaced pair though.

Rode NT XY

Close Stereo Pair - U87's - Set to Cardiod:

The spaced pair worked quite well.

Spaced Pair

U87's front and back - Set to Cardiod:

Stereo front and back worked better that I expected. I think it isolated the difference between the low and the high strings well. Although possible lost a bit of the mid range.

stereo front back


Grice, David. "Audio Arts, Week 1 - Multi Micing Techniques". Lecture presented at EMU space, Level 5, Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 4th March, 2008.


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