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Friday, October 19, 2007

Forum wk11

Theres nothing quite like a wash of noise at deafening volume, its really quite a wonderful experience. Yes that is sarcasm, and I think its important to look back at my week 10 forum post for more info, BUT there was some good elements to our first group improvisation session.

People did try and introduce some interesting sonic ideas from their instruments which I quite enjoyed hearing, but they were quickly drowned out by the mass collective. The idea of playing as soft as possible was a failure do to the fact that no one was willing to take the lead and put themselves out there with a musical idea from their instrument.

What was highly successful in the session however, was Stephen's idea of Beat frequencies. The sonic texture, the layering of a collective sound was magnificent. The interplay between different instruments as the came into 'tune' and then drifted slightly out again was awesome. This would not however hold out as a lasting piece as it would still get monotonous after a small amount of time. But as a layering to exist under some interesting rhythms would be awesome.

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