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Friday, October 05, 2007

AA wk9

This week a began to create some of the Assets needed for the game Warzone.

To create the sound of a power generator I created a patch within Plogue and then added the sound of an welder sparking in Cubase. This sound will be used for the building in warzone which is the 'power generator' with the Plogue sound being the generic hum and the welder arch representing the electricity which sparks from the tower on top of the building.

The Steam sound was used for the factory in warzone. It is the sound of my voice manipulated in Audacity and Cubase.

The sound the the trucks make when they are building a building was created by manipulating a sound I have had in my sound library from c4. I got it from the DAT recordings made by previous students. I used Audacity and Cubase for this.

The menu sound was also from the same sample but manipulated further.

The sound of the truck moving was an open source sound of a truck driving around in a factory edited to suit the environment with Audacity and Cubase.

Here is a folder of my assets for the major project thus far. They are for the game Warzone2100.



Haines, Christian. “Audio Arts - Week 9 - Game Audio Design (1) – Assets.” Lecture presented at Tutorial room 408, Level 4, Schultz building, University of Adelaide, 2nd October, 2007.


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