Eclectic I

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I learned a lot this week. Having a professional master to compare my mastering attempts to was extremely helpful.

My first attempt I did without a reference point and was feeling pretty good about it. But as soon as I listened to the Eden version it became extremely apparent that the sound I had was way too boxy and the snare had no definition. So I started from scratch.

I discovered that having the attack at fairly fast level and more importantly the release time as fast as possible when focusing on the snare really brought out the definition and sharpness. This also resolved the boxy sound issue.

Although i think I achieved a sound that resembled the Eden Master to a nice detail, I was no where near getting the same gain levels but attributed this to their use of high end analogue equipment and admitted defeat.

Overall though I am really pleased with what I achieved.

And here are the comparative Masters.

Un Mastered

My Mastering

Mastering Done By Eden Studios


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