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Monday, June 18, 2007

Audio Arts Major Project

After this project I feel a lot more confident in recording. Where as last year I felt very amateur and was not very pleased with the result I achieved, this year I feel I have stepped up a level and am quite proud of what I have done. I found the weekly exercises helped me to get a clear mental image of how I wanted to approach things when it came to recording and generally helped me get things set up very quickly. I found that my familiarity with the equipment was also of great help.

I really enjoyed working with the band too. They were very professional which made my life much easier. Where as last year the band I had were very slack and not appreciative of the process, this band was happy to work with me which made all the difference.

Communication with the guitarist Christopher Brook was highly valuable throughout the mixing process was very beneficial, although next time I am going to try and have a greater communication with the entire band.

I also got opinions from my fellow class mates as well as some friends outside university to get a broad scope and a different set of ears. Special thanks to Ben Probert, Rhett Digance, and Scott Bartell for their advice.

The only other thing that helped highlight things that needed attention within the mixing process was listening to a bounce on different stereo systems. I tried 5 different systems before being happy with how everything sat in the mix.

I have already discussed doing another recording with the same group next semester as I figure if you’re onto something good… Stick with it. But the difference will be that I will be recording a larger ensemble including a horn section and an extra vocalist. Also they are happy to try songs in different styles so I can have experience with mixing different styles.

Here are the Mp3 files of the 2 songs and PDF's of my Documentation.
- "I Got Rhythm" is my favorite mix.

Blue Bosa Mp3

I Got Rhythm Mp3

Pre Production PDF

Blue Bosa Recording PDF

I Got Rhythm Recording PDF

Blue Bosa Production PDF

I Got Rhythm Production PDF


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