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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Conversations between SATAN and GOD

This week was a 'collaborative' effort between David Dowling and myself. Using the network, I sent Note Data to Dave's Patch which he then converted into control Data. He used the data to manipulate Control values before sending it back to my patch. Although it was sent from my patch (as with the original note data) to the A1 in Cubase, I chose to add some extra interest to David's control data. I had 5 choices of variable expression modules to further manipulate Dave's Data. This way it became a pseudo 'competition' between the two of us. This process yielded some interesting sonic results as well as some extremely cheesy and humorous ones.

Here are some pic's and the patches.

Dave's Patch

My Patch

SATAN - Luke Digance v GOD - David "I actually taught God how to play guitar" Dowling


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