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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Audio Arts week 9

This week I think I got a lot more out of the mixing process as I took a bit more creative licence upon the song. Although instead of doing three 20 second mixes I did one 60second mix but put a lot more into it so I hope thats ok.

It actually sounds like I've done less work to it than I have but thats cuase I took more of a layering approach so that all the sounds a very subtle but complement each other and fill in the spaces (or at least thats what I aimed for.)

I call this my Electronic Indie mix cause it has a Indi rock/grunge sort of a sound but with slight electronic edges where I cut up some samples from the original recordings.

I'm also much happier with the drum sound I got. This is due to the use aux tracks with reverb and panning them at different locations within the mix so the MIDI sounds like theres more of a room sound.

The use of Amplitube on an Aux with some of the drum tracks helped give it that subtle electronic edge. I also sent the vocals to an Aux track with Amplitube to give the same sort of sound that Ben achieved in his mix, but then set them so they were just complementing the vocals rather than being the main focal point.

Any way, enough ranting.. here it is..

Drama Queen-Electronic Indie Mix


Blogger John Delany said...

I liked your kick drum sound, well done (and the snare) just a nice change from the usual. Nice movement in the mix too (layering etc). On my system, it sounded like the vocals are too soft, but I'm guessing that was for stylistic reasons?

5:17 AM  
Blogger Luke.Digance - Eclectic I said...

Yeah the vocals where a bit soft partially due to aesthetic and partially because they are more of a guide. A better recording of vocals would have more prominance in the mix.

5:30 PM  

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