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Thursday, October 16, 2008

AA3B Wk10

If you read this article the picture makes sense.

This film project demonstrates the ability to use foley as the source of tension and horror for a film sound track. The non-diegetic sounds have been chosen for there harsh and disturbing qualities, but have also been tied to the film.

Some are more direct such as the screams and whimpers which have been placed to heighten the tension and to mark out particularly frightening moments in the film. I have also attempted to use sounds in a similar vein as a liet-motif. The drips of water are placed as part of the castles ambience, yet when nosfuratu is on screen they go in reverse, to create an association of unnaturalness to his character. The screams are also part of the castle's ambience, as to create an association of torture and pain with the place.

The 'demonic' like screams are used to denote the internal workings of the womans mind as she is pulled under the power of nosferatu and uncontrollably sleepwalks. On the scene where nosfuratu almost looks at the woman, I intend to have a blend of both the natural screams and the 'demonic' screams to tie the two places together.

The use of the grinding sound is the most 'musical' of all the sound. It has no relevance to the film other than emotional intensity. It serves to put the audience on edge due to its harsh sonic qualities.

Overall this film draws upon inspiration from David Lynch and Mike Patton in the “I am Legend” Film. It is an attempt to avoid typical film score clichés that are especially prevalent in horror films and try a semi unique approach to music and sound.


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