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Wednesday, September 17, 2008


David Harris's favourite film is David Lynch's 'Eraser head.' It was bound to confuse and frustrate people in forum as its a very cult film which you need to be in the right mind frame to see.

The visuals and sound design in the film are brilliant. Because the film is so highly symbolic it gave a lot of freedom for sound exploration beyond basic foley and immediate story telling, but audio links to psychological states.

I think the film explores various psychological states of mind with highly subtle (and not so subtle) references and symbols. Ultimately I think Lynch is alluding to the drudgery of lower working class life being a torture of the 'soul.' This film for me highlights the need for people to live beyond a mundane existence. "When people are subjected to the force and expectations of a culture whose influence is so strong that they can never entirely be sure of what's going on, and can never do anything but let things happen to them until they break.1" They never get a chance to actually understand themselves let alone the environment they are in. The lady in the radiator's song is mirroring the hope of peace and joy in the afterlife as a respite from mundane existence. It also gives an active example of someone who is following there desires and is free from expectations.

1. Sidler Faolan "Foalans opinion" 18/9/08.


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