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Monday, March 24, 2008

Forum 3A wk 3

Jake Morris

Jake gave an overview of his piece "Cathode Ray Tube Suite" I really like this piece. my only criticism is that I would have like the second movement to have gone for longer.

Khaled Senad

Senad's use of rhythmic triggers in his piece was brilliant. I particularly liked the use found sounds. The other element I really liked was the use of an open source piece of software to trigger these sounds. It reminds me of what we did as an assignment in second year with the program "Live" but with open source software that is much better (in my opinion.)

John Delany and David Dowling

Both Dave and John demonstrated what Max/Msp is capable of. However I think that perhaps the first years who are more orientated to music of a more accessible nature may have been a little daunted by the focus Dave had on his programing capabilities. Although I think it had a great aesthetic, I can understand how it would be hard for people grasp. John's talk on his pieces contrasted this. With the focus clearly being on aesthetic, and not diverging much of his programming prowess. Both pieces were quite enjoyable.


Whittington, Stephen. “Presentations, Round One”. Forum presented at EMU Space, Level 5, Schultz Building, University of Adelaide, 20th of March 2008.


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