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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Music Tech Forum3A wk2

To blog, or not to blog?

Does blogging serve as an adequate means of academic evaluation? Ethic, etiquette and cultural impact were three major areas of blogging raised by Stephen Whittington. Although he did not directly say this, I assume he was trying to apply that from adhering to these guidelines, that blog's can maintain academic credibility.

When discussing what Ethic, etiquette and cultural impact implied in terms of blogging, I felt that the obvious was being stated. However I think if you are going to use blogging as a means of academic assessment it is import to have guidelines which are clear and precise, even to the point of being self evident and obvious.

Finally I found it interesting when I brought up the usefulness of observing your peers weekly exercises to help you with your own work. The immediate assumption that this was cheating was quite unjust in my opinion. Quite often you can look at what somebody else has done and learn from it, but still put in the effort yourself and do it a completely different way, but it was from seeing how someone else has gone about it that helped you reach that point.


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