Eclectic I

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

AA3B Major Assignment

My approach to this film was use Sound FX not only for Foley, but as thematic material. Emulating ideas such as the liet-motif for particular characters and places, linking scenes and emotions together. I feel it was a huge success.

You Tube Video

CC3B Major Assignment

I think this is SC patch is a massive step up from my attempts at creating a improvisational virtual sampler last year in MaxMsp. To me Super Collider is definitely the programing language of choice. I quite like the piece I created with this code, although I have a lot of additions I desire to make to add further improvisational possibilities.

12 Backwards on a Platter.mp3


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PIMT Research Project

I have created a 6 channel Panning software and outlined its use with a hardware touch screen control interface.

There are two codeing examples. The one labeled 'Panning Code Finised' is a working patch, the one labeled 'Panning Example 3' is an attempt at the process from a different angle which I feel is relevant to include.

PIMT write up

Panning Ode Finished

Panning Example 3