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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

AA2 - Week 1 - Session Planning and Management

Band: The Pixies

Line Up: 4 piece band.

Drums - five Piece Pro Prestige custom drum kit comprising of 3 Snare drums, (a wooden Tama, 2 metal brady's) Low and mid Tom's, and zildjian hi-hat, snare and crash cymbals.

Bass - Fender Precision Bass and a Trace Elliot Amp.

Lead Guitar - Gibson Les Paul ES-335 and a Pearce Gr-8 Amp

Rhythm Guitar/vocals. - Vintage 68 Telecaster, and a Vox AC-30 Amp

Number of Songs: 1

Name of Song: Bone Machine

Song Length: 3:03

Sound Desired: Layered yet raw.

Space to be used to record in: EMU

Recording Order:
Try and get as much as a live take as possible to give the raw sound that is the Pixies. Use Scratch vocals if needed for cues.

1. Drum tracks, Bass Track Via D.I.Rythm guitar, Lead guitar.

2. Overdubbing if necessary.

3. Vocals.

Track Assignment:

Track instrument Microphone

1. Bass Drum front Sure Beta 52A


3. Tama Snare Shure Beta56A

4. Metal Brady Snare1 Yamaha Mz-204

5. Metal Brady Snare2 Yamaha Mz-204

6. High Tom Shure Beta56A

7. Mid Tom Shure 57 Beta

8. Hi-Hat Nueman KM-48i

9. Cymbal mics Rode NT5 x2

10. Bass Guitar DI

11. Rhythm Guitar Shure Rode NT3

12. Lead Guitar Rode NT3

13. Area mic Road NT4

14 Vocals Nueman U-87

Layout of Space

Drums on carpet near patch bay to save on cabling

Bass guitar on carpet facing away from Drums with baffle between bass and drums to avoid spill.

Guitars as with Bass guitar.

Ensure all musicians can see each other.
Hmmm... I wonder where I got my recording ideas from?


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