Eclectic I

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


A quick note before I forget. A big thanks to John Delany for listing all of the different instruments in the Ubu menu. I've been meaning to say thanks to John since week 4.

Here's my patch. There are a couple bugs which occur which I need to iron out. Basically it works fine at home but as soon as I take it to uni and put it on a Mac, it starts causing me dramas. The bugs are that the keyboard controller works at home but not at uni. and at home the delay/feedback works fine where as here I get this weird extra sub note when I use the pitch bend/mod wheel.

I will hopefully have this sorted in the next couple of days.

The new place I'm storing my files doesn't want to upload any files at the moment so here is the text.

CCWK5 Max txt file

Synth App

Synth Max

Delay Inc/Dec

Feedback Inc/Dec

Keyboard Controller

White/black key selector