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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Forum week 5 Collaborations 2

Daniel Murtagh

Mike Patton. The man, The legend.

Mike Patton and his numerous collaborations are awe inspiring. The man is not only a hugely gifted singer he is also a genius in musical arrangement. It wouldn’t of been an easy feat for Daniel to sift through and decide which particular collaborations to focus on. I agree with Stephen Whittington's comment that it would be nice to understand his approach to collaborations, but as with a lot of modern artists, he is quite secretive about his musical approaches. I am also curious as to how much Mike Patton takes control over each project and how happy he is to sit back and let other people take charge. Is it possible for him to work equally with other musicians? This question leads onto Darryns Forum presentation.

Darryn Slyn

Steely Dan... Collaboration?

Is collaborating really just one person taking charge of a group, using the abilities of others to realise their creative (or otherwise) end? As an example, Darryn showed a group with a free style Jazz format that still gave way to a leader giving hand signals for to guide the group. He also discussed the duo, Steely Dan. Although he said they were collaborating together musically, Darryn felt that one of the members played a more senior role in terms of composing. Yet I got the impression that this duo has more equal footing than the first example. One of them may come up with the original concept but it would appear they realise it together.

Alfred Essmyr

In Alfred's opinion, trying to make a name for your-self in the music industry involves collaborating with many different people within the music industry. An example given was of the perspective of creating a drum and bass song and then needing to put onto a Dub plate (vinyl) format. From there a collaboration between the song writer and the DJ they are trying to get to play there song.

DJ Shadow got remixed.. was that a collaboration?


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