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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tech Journal semester 2 week3


Adrian Ried

"Horses' was a piece Adrian had composed using Supercollider. He described it as an ambient piece that could be divided into 4 sound layers. One sound was used as the basis for the piece with each of the other sounds progressively being added or subtracted throughout the piece.

I liked the sounds which he used within this piece but felt the piece could of been expanded upon greatly. It was still enjoyable to listen to though.

Dragos Nastasie

'Induced' was written entirely on the program Reason 2.0. "I am not a fan of atonality of serialism, so I am not going to present the work I did for Uni last semester because it's not what I think music should be.*1" Instead this piece was a minimalist inspired techno song which followed the theme of a person in the illegal drug world. It is a musical narrative on the drug lifestyle. The middle section of the piece portrays a near death experience. I thought the piece was quite enjoyable and I think its accessibility can be greatly accredited to the fact that he does not use pre-made loops within his compositions

David Dowling

Rather than presenting a work of his own, David opted to present a recording of a band he had mixed and mastered for Audio Arts. It was quite well mixed although (as picked up by Marcos) there was a phasing effect on the vocals. David explained this to be due to the fact that he used the area microphone and a vocal overdub in the mix, so the two vocal takes are present at the same time.

Vinny Baghat

Finishing the forum presentations with a improvisational piece based on an Indian Rag -Raag Yaman. He created a drone using ‘Reason’ which was characteristic of a Tampura and then played piano over the top. It was based on the C# major scale. To hear Indian styled music on a traditionally western instrument was quite unique and enjoyable. The mood of the piece was constantly evolving and changing which is definitely something I'm not used to with typical western music. I would have expected sudden changes to feel abrupt, but something in the style made the changes still feel "smooth' despite there suddenness.


I was eager to start making music strait away, but had to realise that more discussion was needed upon how my group was to approach this improvisational piece. I am used to improvising in a band situation where it is simply a matter of picking up your chosen instrument and going for it. But due to the choice of using various technology applications within in our improvisations I soon learnt that a degree of planning in regards to equipment and software is necessary.

*1 Dragos Nastasie "Induced a piece by Dragos Nastasie" Lecture presented at University of Adelaide 10 August 2006.


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