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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tech Journal Semester 2 week 2 submission


I had to present a work I had composed to the assembled students and staff at forum today. I chose to present my music concrete piece from last semester. Although I am not overly proud of the piece, I had little else to present. I would of enjoyed the opportunity to have had a bit more time so I could do some more work on the piece and make it more aesthetically interesting. Although the majority of those assembled seemed rather neutral towards the piece, gauging from the questions I received I feel as though a couple of students appreciated my approach to the piece. Stephen Whittington's comment about some later Pierre Schaeffer Pieces being very similar to mine has sparked my interest and I shall attempt to listen to them in the near future.

John Delany was the other Student who had to present to the assembled forum. He also presented his music concrete piece. Layering what John described as "Harmonic singing of sorts" done by Benjamin Probert and Patric McCartney, John implemented common tape techniques and gradually increased the 'wetness' of the mix to a great sonic effect. The sudden ending with a sharp decay into a 'dry' sound was very powerful in it's effect. Waking the listener from an almost trance like state which the piece seemed to induce.


Following a brief discussion upon what we view improvisation to be, the forum class was assembled into groups in which we are expected to develop our improvisational skills upon any mediums for a live improvisation at the end of the semester. I am really looking forward to this. From our discussion as a group we are taking the view that to really challenge ourselves we are not going to use our native instruments. So for me I will refrain from playing guitar. I think this is a great idea although I may have my guitar on hand just in case I feel compelled to use it. I like the idea of having the freedom to jump onto whatever instrument/device I feel compelled to use in the moment.

In my opinion Improvisation is the process of creating at the very moment you are creating. Although it may be difficult to escape some performed ideas, techniques etc which shape how you create, the further you can move away from these things, the more free and 'true' your improvisation becomes. This is the reason that I feel improvising on an instrument or device that you are less familiar with is a good idea. At the same time, it's our proficiency at an instrument that gives us the ability to use the instrument to create the most aesthetically pleasing result. In this regards a balance is necessary. Yet as stated this proficiency can act as restraints for discovering something new which could potentially be better then anything an 'expert' could have done. Hence my desire to be free to 'jump' between different instruments.


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Hey, cheers for the constructive comments... by the way I haven't heard of a Benjamin Property before? (Spell check alert!)

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