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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Technology Journal week 10 Submission

Copyright laws presented by Robert.

Basic overview.

-Copyright is specific to a country.
-Music copyright is currently protected under the statute based copyright act established in 1968.
-It is Automatic; there is no registration needed. It protects works; musical an other, (including sound recordings.)
-It protects an expression but not an idea.
-Its duration lasts 70 years after the owner of the copyright has died.

Ownership and licensing

-Usually an author owns, but:
-An employer owns an employees work.
-Sound recordings belong to the maker unless commissioned.
-Copyright is a form of property (i.e. can be sold.)


-Copyright is infringed by doing, or authorising, any act against the owners’ rights without there permission.
-There must be a casual connection (e.g. there is proof.)
-It is qualative not quantative
-If the item that has been copied was done subconsciously, then copyright is still breached.

Exceptions to Infringement
Fair dealing. Some copying is deemed fair. Such as:

-Copying for research
-Criticism or review.

What is fair?
The purpose and character of use and the nature of the work dictate this. Currently the law states that it is illegal to
-Format or time shift.
-There can be no unauthorised copying even for personal non-commercial use.

This is set for some minor changes under the new legislation announced by Philip Ruddock. These are

-You can tape something only if you watch it once
-Format shifting from a legitimate copy is ok.
-Educational institutions have protection from prosecution.
-Changes made for the disabled community.

Moral rights:

-A right of attribution of authorship
-A right to not have authorship falsely attributed
-A right of integrity of authorship
-The rights apply to LDM and artistic works.
-Moral rights are personal and cannot be assigned
-Only people have moral rights
-The creator of a work maintains moral rights to it.

All of the above information was presented by Robert. See relating footnote

Overall this forum was quite informing even if a little “dry” at points (but what do you expect when it comes to law.) There are apparent holes in the copyright system and it is of know surprise that it evidently tends to come down to money, and artistic integrity is rarely an issue.

The examples of copyright infringement such as “The Heavy Crew” case, and the NIN and Ghostbusters mash up were both humorous and informative.

Sites to visit on Copyright laws in Australia.

Workshop with David Harris

Mr Bungle
Album: Mr Bungle 1991.
Love is a fist
Dead Goon
A have already had a large exposure to Mr Bungle and greatly appreciate the virtuosic musicianship displayed by all the members of the band and the dramatic shifts in mood and feeling. From scary ambience to crazy circus music to laid back funk. These guys can do it all. I wouldn’t recommend listening to nothing but Mr Bungle for a month strait, including going to sleep and waking up to it.


Album: Hyemen 1966-67
Song: Region 1.

Made use of recordings from a short wave radio in the country which were layered and slightly manipulated. I found it interesting to note that Stockhausen invented “moment form” (used in this piece) which influenced producer of Mr Bungle John Zohrn and indecently Mr Bungle adapted to their music. This is the sudden change of styles and ideas at irrational and unpredictable periods in the music.

My Bloody Valentine.
“To Here Knows when.”
There was an interesting texture of sound in this song. I enjoyed the layering of strings and synthesiser, but the piece dragged on a bit. I’m interested to here more of their music though.

Creative Computing
No lesson this week

Audio Arts
The information on vocal mic’ing proved useful in regards to my Audio Arts recording assignment.


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*2 Robert. “A very quick inro to music copyright stuff.” Lecture presented at university Adelaide 18 May 2006.

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