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Friday, October 06, 2006

Wk 9 Forum

Tyson Hopprich. Aka DJ TRIP

I am very disappointed to have missed this forum presentation as I have seen Tyson perform before and I really appreciate what he does musically. Thankfully Christian has been able to provide me with a recording of the session.

Tyson describes himself as an "electronic musician composing using 'obsolete technology.*1" I think he proves that no technology is truly obsolete in the creation of music, so long as you are willing to be creative in your application of it.

He has been composing for about 10 years. In 98 he released his first EP, and has worked on numerous projects over the span of his career. From independently recording and releasing his own cd's, to running workshops on composing and Dj'ing even working on a film score, all this in amongst his steady DJ sets around Adelaide and the multiple groups he has been a part of.

Tyson utilises a specialised pallet of tools for composing which identify his unique musical sound. The Commodore Amega being the principle instrument he employs. Its low sample rate and general Low-Fi sound is paramount to his style. On this he uses a tracker program called optamed that he describes as a cross between Pro Tools waveform editing and Super Collider with its coding and value approach.

He also uses a secret music program within a game on his game boy that has a distinct Low-Fi video game sound to it. The next instrument he employs is a CD turntable that he feeds into his computer. He feels offers freedom as only using computers for sound creating and manipulation can be a bit to rigid and not free enough. And finally he uses a Dr Sample to manipulate sound from all of these instruments.

Although he has now upgraded to PC and runs Fruity Loops for its on the fly beat making compatibilities when working with choreographers and Adobe Audition for mastering a final product, the previously mentioned tools are still his main tools for music creation.

Listening to the recording of the improv jam session just made we want to get up and dance. The group sounded as though the fed of each other brilliantly. Offering a diverse pallet of textures and knowing when to come in and out of a mix and even doing brilliant changes of style without falling out, and keeping it flowing smoothly.

Tyson’s opinion that less is more again seems to be echoing what I have commented on in previous blogs. His exact words “a smaller box to work in makes it more possible to get ideas out*2” express my idea precisely! I like having certain limitations to work against to use to my creative example and I am finding more and more, this is a trend a lot of good musicians seem to be doing.

I think Tyson what Tyson had to share and his approach to music was extremely relative to me and I have learnt a lot from listening to him talk and the jam session. The fact that he has spent all his energies on specific tools (such as the Amega) and not tried to continually update, and the mastery that he has gained from this really pin points the need to specialise and create self limitations to find your own style and approach when creating music using technology.

*Tyson, Hopprich. Week 9 Foruum Presentation. DJ trips appraoch to Improvisation Lecture presented at University Adelaide 6 October 2006.

Pic Refrence

#1 John Delaney. Week 9 Forum presentation. John Delaneys blog. 5 October 2006.


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You wrote "Tyson, Hopprich" in your references. His first name is Hopprich? Some parents can be so cruel.

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Footnotes - first name first
bibliography, last name first.

I use my refrences from the Footnote approach

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