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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Audio Arts WK7.1 -Bell Reproduction

Thats right today we are going to learn how little baby bells come into the world...............


Ok now I got that off my chest, I have attempted to use Fm synthesis to re-create the sonic attributes of the recording of a bell we were given. I have done an ok job. What I think is more important is the fact that Plogue is starting to make sense now. I have also began to expand on the concept by adding a couple of multipliers to the basicFm group bidule so as to use several, each one targetting a specific frequency of the sound trying to be produced. I know that the Fm synthesis is ment to use the creation of side bands to approach create these frequencies, but I am yet to figure out how to target specific frequencies and avoid a general modulation between these frequencies. I might have to go over the reading provided again to get a better understanding.

But for now here is the orignal sound proceeded by my attempt at re-creating the sound Using the basic Fm Bidule and an example of Two basicFm bidules running simultaneously off the same controller with one of them being multiplied by 5. I have the intension to start using multiples derived from discovering the fractional difference between the original and the intended frequency, but I left my calculator at home and I'm still learning how to do this. This will hopefully progress into creating a harmonic series for each note played.


Original Bell Sound
Bell Sonogram

Orignal bell Simulator
Original Bell Simulator using the Basic Fm Synthesiser

The two BasicFm Synthesisers where one has the Frequency multiplied by 5

Inside the BasicFm before I got to it

After I got to it

Me taking a different approach to creating a different frequency simultaneous to creating a bass/fundemental

How this sounds
different Approach


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